Bavarian Soft Pretzel Sticks
Lightly baked and topped with kosher salt then served with our own zesty pub mustard. 4.99

Potato Skins
Potato boats filled with Jack Cheddar cheese and bacon or broccoli and tomatoes. Served with sour cream. 6.99

Buffalo Tenders
Chicken tenderloins dipped in beer batter and deep fried, served with buffalo sauce, Bleu cheese and veggie sticks. 9.99

Tooky Wings
Large chicken wings, house marinated and oven roasted. Served with veggie sticks. Choose one style: Chipotle, Teriyaki or Buffalaki (teriyaki tossed in buffalo sauce) 8.99

Stuffed Quahogs
Our own recipe using freshly shucked clams, fresh garlic and herbs, and a touch of bacon. Baked with parmesan and butter. 4.99 each

Caprese Garlic Bread
Our garlic bread topped with tomato basil concasse & fresh mozzarella then baked and garnished with balsamic reduction. 7.99

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Large shrimp wrapped with apple wood smoked bacon then oven roasted and served with horseradish cream cheese sauce. $11.99

Beer-Battered Jack Sticks
Beer-battered Monterey Jack Cheese deep fried. Served with spicy ranch dressing. 5.99

Mediterranean Flatbread Pizza
Roasted garlic flat bread topped with basil pesto,tomatoes, black olives, red onions, mozzarella, feta, parmesan cheese then baked until crisp. 9.99

Korean BBQ Rib Sampler
Our slow roasted baby back ribs flash fried individually and tossed with our own Korean BBQ sauce. (Half rack worth of ribs) 11.99

A Flour tortilla filled bell peppers, tomatoes & Jack Cheddar cheese. Choice of Mexi-Chicken or Black Bean& Corn Mix 11.99

Corn tortilla chips baked with Jack Cheddar cheese then topped with tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos and sour cream. 9.99
Chicken or Black Bean & Corn Mix 12.99

Fried Calamari
Squid with tentacles lightly floured and deep fried then tossed with hot cherry peppers in a garlic herb butter sauce. 8.99


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