Baby Back Ribs
Slow roasted with a dry rub then finished with our barbeque sauce.
Full Rack 23.99
Half Rack 14.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Garlic Balsamic Steak Tips
10 oz. Choice loin tip marinated with fresh garlic, balsamic vinegar, cracked black pepper and olive oil. Char-grilled to your liking. 18.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Fish Soft Tacos
Fresh haddock filets beer-battered then served in grilled flour tortillas with all the fixings and chipotle sour cream. 12.99

Delmonico Steak
16 oz choice delmonico lightly seasoned and char grilled to your liking. 25.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Baked Haddock
Fresh haddock baked with cracker crumb, lemon, wine, and butter. 15.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Fish n' Chips
Fresh haddock lightly floured then dipped in a Guinness beer batter and deep fried. 15.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Texas Rib Eye
16 oz. Choice rib eye steak rubbed with Cajun spice, then char-grilled to your liking. 25.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Three Bean & Vegetable Burrito
Black, red and white beans rolled in a flour tortilla with fresh vegetables and rice, then baked and served with salsa 11.99 With Chicken and Cheese 13.99 (Will include cheese and sour cream upon request)

Chicken Genovese
Boneless chicken breast layered with basil pesto, roasted red peppers, seasoned crumb, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. 15.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Tooky Meatloaf
Our loaf made with ground pork , beef and fresh vegetables topped with a mushroom gravy. Half pound 11.99 or One Pound 16.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Chicken Caprese
Char grilled breast of chicken topped with tomato basil concasse, spinach, and fresh mozzarella then drizzled with a balsamic reduction. 15.99 (choice of 2 sides)

Jaeger Shcnitzel
Center cut pork cutlet pounded thin and breaded, then deep fried and topped with a zesty onion & mushroom gravy. single 11.99 double 15.99 (choice of 2 sides)


Side Choices: Caesar salad, house salad, rice pilaf, pub fries, mashed potatoes, 
baked potato (after 5pm), vegetable of the day and coleslaw.

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